Terms & Conditions

Contract for Moving services between Auckland Budget Movers and The Customer

  1. Our minimum charge is 2 hrs or estimated hrs as specified in job confirmation. Minimum charge will be charged before starting loading.
  2. Payment is accepted via EFTPOS, cash or online. 3% surcharge for all credit card payments apply.
  3. Please note that this move will be done by us or sub-contracting furniture moving companies. Any damage to the goods of the customer or their property will not be on us. All the moves are done at owner's risk only. We will not be liable for any kind of compensation for the damage to goods or customers property. Customers are requested to arrange their own insurance before moving.
  4. We charge on a prepaid system; minimum charge will be charged upfront and remaining time will be charged as per estimated time required to finish the move once the minimum time gets over.
  5. Long Distance moves require full payment before loading at pick up address.
  6. The jobs which will continue after 6 pm will be considered after hours and the afterhours charge will apply.
  7. Even due to unforeseen circumstances if the job starts later than scheduled, the afterhours condition will not apply.
  8. Any job starting after 6 pm due to unforeseen circumstances or bad weather, the company can postpone any job to the next day due to health and safety reasons and the company will not be liable for any compensation or claims.
  9. In case of bad weather, it’s the responsibility of the customer that movers should be safe while working. If the movers get hurt, it will be the customers responsibility, or they can ask them to halt the work for a while. The time will still be chargeable.
  10. Please note that due to bad weather, there could be a possible delay in the arrival of the movers and the company does not offer any compensation or claim for the delay as it’s an uncontrollable factor.
  11. While booking the job, the quote will strictly follow the cubic meters offered. If the actual load turns out to be more than the booked and job requires multiple trips, it will be the discretion of the company and the next trip will be allowed as per availability.
  12. Long distance moves are also strictly as per cubic meter only. If the customer’s stuff is more than we offered and confirmed, the company is not liable to provide additional space. The customer will have to work out their alternative and hire an additional truck. We can only provide an additional truck if we do have the availability otherwise, we are not bound for it.
  13. Every single cubic meter of load will be charged extra for $100 /m3 for long distance moves and subject to availability of truck and space.
  14. Single items door to door fast delivery only.
  15. All goods are carried at Owner's Risk ONLY, please have your own insurance organized. The company does not take any liability if you do not have your own and you do not opt to buy additional.
  16. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they provide safe and secure access (driveway/pathway/parking/etc.) to the property. If there are any bridges on the way, customers should inform us of any weight restrictions on that bridge at the time of booking.
  17. If the access is bad, we may need to shift items using Trailer and it would incur additional cost which needs to be borne by the customer. If the access is unsafe then the company has the right to terminate the job.
  18. There will be an extra charge of $65.00 each item for flat surface to flat surface only or awkward (more than 80kg) /oversized items such as a Pool table, Spa, Piano, Double door fridge etc. It is the customer's responsibility to let us know in advance if they have any items of such nature.
  19. $99.00+gst cancellation fee applies unless 48 hours’ notice is given. If a booking is made within 48 hours is cancelled, $99.00+gst cancellation fee will apply.
  20. 1 free date / time change permitted (subject to availability). If cancelled after the free change, the cancellation fee of $99.00+gst applies.
  21. Unless specified, the above prices are exclusive of GST and are quoted for 2 men + truck.
  22. Company withholds the right to delay the arrival time slot up to 2-3 hours if required due to unplanned and unforeseen circumstances. The company shall not pay any compensation in such situations. Customers can not make any claims for this reason.
  23. Misconduct and unacceptable behaviour with any staff member(s) may result in the customer’s booking being terminated or further action being taken, at the company's discretion and refunds will be done into the same account from which money came in.
  24. Hourly rates apply within the primary region of Auckland only.
  25. If a job is through backload, it's already booked at a very cheap price so if there is any need to change the dates, we reserve the right to do so. Else we will make the complete refund.