Office Moves


If you’re planning an office move and are concerned about the safety of your expensive machinery and workstations, we’re here to help.

Our team will assess your move and provide a free no-obligation quote. We’ll also suggest the best methods of packing for your IT equipment such as computers and servers.

Why choose Auckland Budget Movers for your office move?

  • We work to your schedule

Time away from the office and your tools of the trade leads to lost revenue, so we promise to get your office moved quickly and on time, so you can get up and running quickly in your new premises.

  • We’re extremely organised

When moving items from your office, we take care of every single item and use creative ideas to pack them reliably. We use the right boxes and containers for the job, and we know exactly where each box and item is at every step of the journey.

Let our team conduct your move while you enjoy a cappuccino!

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